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By Femi Hanson
Merchant Network
Aug 03, 2021

A Message To Our Aggregators

Our mission remains the same - to financially and socially include everyone without regard for physical borders, boundaries or social status.

We understand that we have put out a series of new policies concerning aggregators in the recent short time. We believe that providing more context will enable you to appreciate the policies.

OPay’s focus in the future will be on you – our aggregators. For this, we are creating a platform where hardworking and capable aggregators can reap enormous success from their efforts, more so than anywhere else. We need to do so in ways that allow us to have a business and share our profits and value generously to create a long-term partnership with you.

To do so, we will do two things: Firstly, we will increase the commission that you receive and then give you the ability to develop aggregators under you to build a large-scale business for yourself.

We had announced policies to ‘buy’ new terminals or ‘top-up’ your existing ones: initially increasing the deposits/price for the terminals – this measure enabled us to identify the more committed aggregators. Once the terminal fulfils its lifetime transaction requirement, you will get the FULL deposits back as a refund.

The whole time, you will get a commission that is 3-4 times higher than the next competitor platform in the market. This means that one year with OPay equals 3-4 years with other platforms.

Secondly, we are giving you the privilege to be OPay’s “Direct Aggregators”, where you can, in turn, develop your very own sub-aggregators, who can help you develop agents much faster.

We trust this allows you to create a mini-platform for yourselves and enable you to become a sizable business owner. Typically, you can be more successful as an aggregator by developing a ‘team’ of sub-aggregators than by merely developing your own agents. OPay will give you the whole platform of tools to manage and monitor your sub-aggregators, determine your commissions, and manage your business.

With these tools, if you are a performing aggregator, you will be more successful on the OPay platform, and you will achieve your financial goals faster than anywhere else. Feel free to test us out.

We will continue to explain our policies and tools and answer your questions in the coming days. We will also host a series of local physical meetings and fora with aggregators to listen to your suggestions and feedback. As we innovate boldly, we look to have your feedback and continually improve your suggestions and feedback.

Lastly, please be assured that OPay does not – and never will – deduct your commission in a non-transparent manner. For any questions on your commission, please kindly contact your Aggregator Manager or our Customer Service.

OPay’s mission has always been to financially and socially include everyone without regard for physical borders, boundaries or social status. We will continue to keep this promise in our partnership with you.

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